Post One

Welcome to the first blog post.

I've finally gotten myself going on making a website for all of the assorted amount of things that I make and do and they will have a lovely home here. Currently there are a lot of other sites to jump to for my content but as time goes on things will become more exclusive to this site.

For example this blogging area will soon have posts about how to make or build things, currently I have two linux related builds to go over and post. One is for a stand alone minecraft server with a low power, low cost usage with high functionality. The other post is about an at home NAS. I'm going to do my best going over every step in detail for non-linuxy users but we will see how that works out.

Future plans will be zbrush models, 3d printing figurines, computer builds, linux gaming, leather - lots of leather, photography and anything else that I find amusing.

For now there are plenty of other sites to look at but expect there to be goodies solely on this site soon.

Final note! I will be posting updates about my site mainly through twitter but also you can RSS subscribe to my site so whichever option works best for you.